Lecture Series Summer 2019





30.04.2019 Chan 禪 Narratives about Death Premonitions and Avoidance of Fate
Mario Poceski (Buddhism and Chinese Religions, University of Florida; IKGF Visiting Fellow)

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07.05.2019 Figuristische Exegese als Bewältigungsstrategie innerkirchlicher Marginalisierung: Die Appellanten gegen die päpstliche Bulle Unigenitus (1713) lesen die Apokalypse [Figurative Exegesis as a Strategy for Coping with Marginalization within the Church: The Appellants against the Papal Bull Unigenitus (1713) Read the Apocalypse] - Lecture in German, with English screen presentation
Philipp Stenzig (Medieval and Early Modern History, University of Düsseldorf)
21.05.2019 Planetary Astrology in Medieval China and the Sassanian Connection
David Pankenier (Chinese Studies, Lehigh University; IKGF Visiting Fellow)

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28.05.2019 Representations of Suicide between Fate and Freedom on the "Genoese" World Map of 1457
Gerda Brunnlechner (History of the Middle Ages, University of Hagen)
04.06.2019 Foundations of Decision-Making: Liberties, Liabilities, and Lies
Joachim Gentz (Chinese Philosophy and Religion, University of Edinburgh)
18.06.2019 History as Prophecy: Alexander Minorita's Expositio in Apocalypsim
Andrea Worm (Art History, University of Graz)

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02.07.2019 (Re-)Writing Fate: Predicting and Dealing with the Future in Chinese Character Divination
Anne Schmiedl (Chinese Studies, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg)
09.07.2019 The Lingtai jing 靈臺經 (Scripture of the Imperial Observatory): Hellenistic Astrology in the Taoist Canon
Wen Zhao (Buddhist Studies, Nankai University; IKGF Visiting Fellow)

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16.07.2019 Musical Numbers: Divining with Sound in the Late Warring States and Western Han Periods
Noa Hegesh (East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin)