Lecture Series Summer 2015





30.06.2015 An Interface between Prognostication, Fate and Knowledge: Mining and Deep Drilling in Chinese and European History
Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich Vogel (Abteilung für Sinologie und Koreanistik, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen; IKGF Visiting Fellow)
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23.06.2015 Musical Performance and Personal Transformation: The Magic of Number Nine in Ancient China
Prof. Dr. Constance Cook (Department of Modern Languages & Literatures, Lehigh University; IKGF Visiting Fellow)
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16.06.2015 On a Threatened Future and the Promises of Predictive Medicine
Prof. Dr. Mariacarla Gadebusch-Bondio (Institut für Geschichte und Ethik der Medizin, Technische Universität München)
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09.06.2015 Livers, Lots & Birds' Flight: Oracle Practices of the Hittites in the Context of Divination in the Ancient Near East
Prof. Dr. Daniel Schwemer (Institut für Altertumswissenschaften, Universität Würzburg)
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02.06.2015 To Study the Past in order to Know the Future: Notes on the Interrelationship between Historiography and Prophecy in Pre-Modern China
Prof. Dr. Achim Mittag (Asien-Orient-Institut, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen)
19.05.2015 History as Future – Time, Prediction, and Historical Narrative in the Zuozhuan
Prof. Dr. Piotr Gibas (Asian Studies, College of Charleston; IKGF Visiting Fellow)
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06.05.2015 (LUNCH-LECTURE)
Christian Eschatology under the Spell of Evolution Theory – The Case of Protestantism in Modern Japan

Prof. Dr. Mira Sonntag (Department for Christian Studies, Rikkyo University, Tokyo)
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05.05.2015 Astrological Interpretation of Comets and Fate under the Impact of Western Knowledge in Late Imperial China
Prof. Dr. Lingfeng Lü (Department of the History of Science and Scientific Archaeology, University of Science and Technology of China)
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Theology of Time in the Christian Middle Ages

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schmidt-Biggemann (Institut für Philosophie, Freie Universität Berlin),
Prof. Dr. Klaus Herbers (IKGF Deputy Director, FAU), Prof. Dr. Michael Lackner (IKGF Director, FAU),
Prof. Dr. Georges Tamer (Lehrstuhl für Orientalische Philologie und Islamwissenschaft, FAU; IKGF Visiting Fellow)
21.04.2015 The Calendar and the Law: Hemerological and Legal Manuscripts in the Context of Qin and Han Tombs
Dr. Ulrich Lau (Asien-Afrika-Institut, Universität Hamburg; IKGF Visiting Fellow)
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14.04.2015 Prophecy, Politics and Performance in Twelfth-Century Europe
Dr. Thomas Foerster (The Norwegian Institute in Rome, University of Oslo; IKGF Visiting Fellow)
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