Practice of Divination: The Book of Changes (2013)

Length: 35min 53sec

During the research stay of former IKGF visiting fellow, Prof. Dr. Donatella Rossi (Sapienza Univ. of Rome), who worked on the ancient Tibetan Zhang Zhung Ju thig divination system, Tibetan Bon-master Lopon Trinley Nyima Rinpoche was invited to a two-week research visit at the IKGF. Since 1992, Venerable Trinley Nyima Rinpoche has been the appointed Lopon (Head Teacher) of the Bon Dialectic School in Dolanji, India, which is the Bon religion’s major institution of higher education in exile. During his stay, a video featuring an interview on Zhang Zhung Ju thig and other Tibetan divination methods, as well as an actual divination carried out by him, was produced.

Keywords: IKGF, Video, Chinese Studies, Divination, Wenzhi Zhang, Xiaokun Song
Speakers: Prof. Wenzhi Zhang, Xiaokun Song
Language: Chinese (with English subtitles)
Nature of Event: Dialog
Customer: IKGF
Producer: Hans-Christian Lehner, Xiaokun Song
Camera: Roman De Giuli, Marcelle Dilger, Florian Marschall