Research Project


Trends and Cycles of Time

Dr. Christof Niederwieser

Modern methods of prognostication claim to differ from the magical and superstitious divination practises of ancient times and archaic cultures but, beneath the surface of their zeitgeist masks, there exist astonishing similarities. Many of them simply dress up the age-old thinking models in trendy terms and fashionable figures.
Based on this core thesis of my work, I have developed a universal taxonomy of prognostication methods: Visionary Prognostication is based on intuition and inspiration; Signature Prognostication is based on signs observed in the material world; and Time Prognostication is based on patterns and periodicities found throughout the course of history. My IKGF project focuses on the third type of prognostication and compares chronomantic methods from modern economics and business life with their magical ancestors. Well-established techniques, such as macroeconomic market cycles, trend extrapolation, Elliottwaves, and the product life cycle reveal amazing parallels with magical methods, such as divination calendars, the Mesoamerican and Indian ages, the ancient Greek polity cycles and astrology, demonstrating the Magical in the Modern and the Modern in the Magical thinking worlds.

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