Research Project


The sultan and the stars - The 'Kitab al-Tabsira fi ilm al-nujum' of al-Ashraf Umar (Yemen, d. 1296)

Dr. Petra Schmidl

Petra G. Schmidl continues her research on al-Ashraf Umar and his ‘Kitab al-Tabsira fi ilm al-nujum’ (‘Enlightenment on the Science of the Stars’) by making intense use of the material she prepared during a former stay at the International Consortium for Research in the Humanities (IKGF) in Erlangen in summer 2013.

She will complete two articles (or chapters). One introduces the author and discusses the contents he provides in his treatise, and the other investigates the introductory chapter where the author states the reasons for writing an introduction to the science of the stars for beginners. Additionally, she will work on a critical edition of the entire text.

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