Research Project


Huguenot Prophecy and Diplomacy in Early Modern Bavaria (1685-1730)

Dr. Lionel Laborie

This project explores the relationship between prophecy and diplomacy in late seventeenth- and early eighteenth century Bavaria. Focussing on the ‘Camisard Prophets’ within the Huguenot diaspora, it argues that this notorious millenarian movement sought to influence monarchs and princes to support the last French war of religion and precipitate the fall of Rome, thanks to the support of exiled Huguenot soldiers and diplomats. As they traveled from London to Vienna, Stockholm to Constantinople, these ‘French Prophets’ formed an international network of millenarian activists with many German ramifications, giving birth to a Franco-Pietist community in Bavaria. Together they endeavoured to transcend national and religious boundaries across the Judaeo-Christian world against the Roman Catholic ‘Antichrist’ ahead of Christ’s imminent Second Coming.