Prof. Dr. Terry Kleeman

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Internationales Kolleg für Geisteswissenschaftliche Forschung "Schicksal, Freiheit und Prognose. Bewältigungsstrategien in Ostasien und Europa"
Hartmannstr. 14
91052 Erlangen

Associate Professor

Home Institution: Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations, University of Colorado

IKGF Visiting Fellow January 2013 - December 2013

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IKGF Research Project:

Daoist Attitudes Toward Mantic Practices

Curriculum Vitae

Terry Kleeman received his M.A. from the University of British Columbia in 1979 and his Ph.D. in Oriental Languages from the University of California, Berkeley in 1988. As a graduate student, he studied at National Taiwan University (1976-77); Taishō University (Tokyo, 1979-81); and the École Pratique des Hautes-études (Sorbonne, 1986-87); since graduating, he has held research appointments at the Institute of Oriental Culture of Tokyo University, the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy at Academia Sinica, the Needham Institute for the Study of East Asian Science in Cambridge, the Center for Chinese Studies at the National Central Library, Taiwan, and the Institute of Daoism and Religious Culture at Sichuan University. He taught at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Minnesota, and the College of William and Mary before joining the University of Colorado in 1998. Kleeman is the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships, from the Japanese Ministry of Education (1979), ACLS (1986, 2009), the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation (1995, 2006), the CU Faculty Fellowship (2004), and the Mellon Foundation (2009), and is a Life Member of Clare Hall (Cambridge). His research focuses on Chinese religion and thought, especially medieval religious Daoism and popular religion, as well as Chinese ethnic history, the local history of Southwest China, East Asian new religions, and Chinese archaeology. Major publications include A God's Own Tale (SUNY Press, 1994), Great Perfection: Religion and Ethnicity in a Chinese Millennial Kingdom (Hawaii, 1998), The Ancient Chinese World, co-authored with Tracy Barrett (Oxford, 2005), and Daoist and the Philosophy of Co-existence / Dōkyō to kyōsei shisō (Taiga, 2009). In Summer 2011, Terry organized and co-directed an NEH Summer Seminar for College and University Teachers concerning Daoist Literature on the Boulder.

Selected Publications

Books and Editions

  • A God's Own Tale: The Book of Transformations of Wenchang. Albany: State University of New York Press, 1994
  • Great Perfection: Religion and Ethnicity in a Chinese Millennial Kingdom. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1998.
  • The Ancient Chinese World. Co-written with Tracy Barrett. The World in Ancient Times series. New York: Oxford University Press, 2005.
  • Dōkyō to kyōsei shisō 道教と共生思想 [Daoism and the philosophy of co-existence]. Co-edited with B. Tanaka. Tokyo: Taiga shobō, 2009.


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