"Eine Stunde History" - Deutschlandfunk Nova November 2018

The Spanish Inquisition

Prof.Klaus Herbers talks about the Spanish Inquisition in an interview for the podcast "Eine Stunde History" of Deutschlandfunk Nova.

"friedrich" FAU research magazine October 2018

The End… and how Matters Continue

The current issue of the FAU-research magazine friedrich is devoted to the topic of the end and apocalyptic scenarios. The IKGF contributes with several interviews about its research, especially in the article about notions of the end of the world in different times and cultures, featuring among others IKGF research fellow Hans-Christian Lehner and IKGF research coordinator Rolf Scheuermann, as well as in the article about the global powers of China and the USA, featuring current IKGF visiting fellow Marc Matten.

friedrich October 2018

FAU-friedrich 118th issue : 10|18

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Leipziger Volkszeitung March 2018

Die Spuren der Weltenhüter

Article on the restoration of the Guardians of the Four Directions at the Grassi Museum für Völkerkunde, Leipzig After their restoration, the Grassi Museum Leipzig again displays the Four Guardians of the Four Directions who fulfill an apotropaic purpose. The Buddhist deities are part of the Hermann Freiherr Speck von Sternburg-collection. IKGF Coordinator Rolf Scheuermann (currently visiting postdoctoral fellow at Leipzig University) supported the curators with advice during the restoration process.

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