• October 2014Public Lecture and Ceremony Bön Religion and Divination Lecture and Tibetan Bön Ceremony Performed by the Venerable Lopön Trinley Nyima Rinpoche

  • November 17 / October 15Two Astrolabe-Workshops, including a visit to the Germanic National Museum, Nuremberg; Dr. Josefina Rodriguez Arribas (IKGF Visiting Fellow), Dr. Petra Schmidl (IKGF Visiting Fellow), Dr. Flora Vafea (Munic)

  • May 9 Fate and Divination in Early China and the Ancient Mediterranean - Methodological and practical approaches; Planning Meeting, Prof. Dr. Michael Lackner (IKGF Director), Prof. Dr. Lisa Raphals (IKGF Advisory Board Member), participating: Prof. Dr. Esther Eidinow (Nottingham University), Prof. Dr. Michael Flower (Princeton University), Prof. Dr. Richard King (Bern University), Prof. Dr. Mu-chou Poo (Chinese University of Hong Kong)