Studientag with Dr. Ralph Weber


Comparisons: Like a Stick that may be Grabbed by either End ?

30th April 2013

Convenor: Dr. Ralph Weber (UFSP Asien und Europa, Universität Zürich)

In research and academic writing, we usually and often turn, in one way or another, to comparison – and this is the case regardless of whether we eventually come to qualify the undertaking as 'comparative' as well as independent of our respective discipline(s). Yet, what we do when we compare and what claims we posit by the very act of making a comparison remains little discussed, let alone understood. In this workshop, we will engage in an analysis of comparison and ask to what extent the analysis lends itself to the evaluation of a good and bad comparison and thence to recommendations regarding how to make comparisons. If comparison indeed can be usefully compared to a stick, it surely is a stick with many sides and ends.

Analysing and Evaluating Comparisons
Public lecture by Dr. Ralph Weber


April 30, 2013, 10:30am-12:00pm


Senatssaal im Schloss, Schloßplatz 4, 91054 Erlangen

How to Compare
Seminar: Discussion based on Precirculated Material


April 30, 2013, 14:00pm-17:00pm


Fakultätsraum im Kollegienhaus, Universitätsstrasse 15, 91054 Erlangen


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